How to deal with frustration

Dealing with frustration is something that might be all too familiar to you. Whether it involves your work or your personal goals, frustration is a feeling that can be quite difficult to shrug off, especially when you reach the point of questioning your own worth. You have dreams that you want to make a reality, goals that you want to achieve, deadlines that you need to meet and yet, here you are – you just can’t seem to live up to your own expectations.

Oftentimes, dealing with frustration can lead to toxic thoughts and drastic actions. Before you think of doing something drastic, take some time to breath and reassess the situation.

I’m writing this because I, myself, am not immune to frustration. I set personal goals and when I fail to deliver, I get frustrated. I feel overwhelmed.

Speaking of which, I actually wrote an article on HubPages a few months back on how to overcome frustration. When I feel frustrated, I simply read it to remind myself that it’ll be better. This is just a phase. It’ll get better.

If you want to check out my article, the link is down below:

When was the last time you felt frustrated? What was the reason why you felt it? What steps or methods did you apply to deal with it? Feel free to share your insights in the comments section below!