Determining Your Value in the Marketplace

“We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.” – Jim Rohn

The above quote is a very valuable piece of lesson that determines one’s level of success. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your field of work or passion, your worth is assessed not by how much time you spent working but by how much value you bring. You can be efficient but not effective.

Determining your value in the marketplace is not that difficult. However, one thing is certain, you cannot increase your value by demand. To become a valuable person, you need to earn your worth. This can be achieved only if you focus more in becoming the best version of yourself. Whether it involves honing your existing skills or focusing more on personal development, you need to commit at becoming more than “good” in whatever endeavor you take.

Become a person of value

A person of value is a person who never ceases to learn and improve. He identifies his weaknesses and yet, doesn’t put the blame on them. A person of value is a person who takes control. He is aware that he can make a conscious choice towards the things and events that are happening in his life. He chooses not to become a victim of circumstance.

Thus, in determining your value in the marketplace, you must first identify the spectrum which you’re currently in. Are you the person who demands to get paid more because of the years you’ve worked on your job? Are you the kind of person who expects to get paid more by putting in more hours? Are you the kind of person who often thinks you deserve better (high-paying) offers because you’re over qualified?

If your answer is yes to any of these, you need to understand that your value totally depends on you choosing to become better at everything you do. You put your focus not on your salary or the time you spent working to finish a certain project, but on how good you are at doing it.

To become extremely good at something requires focus. If you need to keep doing it repeatedly in order to gain mastery, then you need to do whatever it takes. There are no shortcuts. Learn all the things you need to learn. Invest in opportunities to better yourself. Make a conscious choice to surround yourself with people who inspires you to grow and get out of your comfort zone. Learn to be proactive, develop positive habits and commit to developing a stronger mind.

There are no limits to how valuable a person can become. It is all up to you. What’s important is you commit to growth and to not be afraid to break personal barriers in order to reach your true potential. It takes time but the investment you’re putting in to add more value to yourself, not others, will definitely pay off in the long run.