Dealing with naysayers

dealing with negative people the naysayers
Do you often find yourself in situations wherein you constantly feel the need to prove your point (even your worth)? Whether it’s all about your ideas, suggestions or even your dreams and goals, talking to these people often leave you distressed and exhausted. It’s like they always know better or they always have something negative to say about your statement. It’s like they always feel the need to provide a counter statement to dispel your viewpoint about a certain topic or subject. These people are what we call the “naysayers”.

Naysayers can’t tolerate positivity well. They’re pessimists. Instead of envisioning progress and taking suggestions in a positive light, they often feel aggravated by it. If someone talks to them about possibilities and risks, they take it as something negative. They’re close-minded. Unless you say something that is akin to their current viewpoint, everything you say is repelled.

Dealing with these people on a regular basis is toxic but it doesn’t mean there’s no hope. When in a discussion with a naysayer, try your best not to get stirred up by their false arguments. Know where you stand and be firm about it. Regardless of the negative and discouraging words they’ll say, it is best to keep an open mind. Evaluate if what they’re saying seems logical or is it simply an attack that they use to validate themselves.

If you know what you truly want, go for it. Don’t let the negativity of others get in the way of your dreams and even your life principles. If you truly feel that desire to do something that you’ve been longing to do all your life, the best way to convert these naysayers into believers is to prove them wrong.