Letting go and moving on

Letting go and moving on is not easy. Even so, there comes a time in which one must go through it in order to open doors for better opportunities – for a new tomorrow.

Thus, I would like to announce that I’ve made some major changes with regards to this blog. For starters, I have deleted my Life Reminders Quotes sub-domain and any quotes or saying that I’ll make will either be shared through here or to any of my social media accounts (IG, FB, etc.).

It is my plan to creatively incorporate my love for quotes through my other works whether it may be in form of a blog post, article, video, etc.

I’m still undecided whether the Facebook Page for Life Reminders Quotes will stay but I’ll leave it be for now. The same goes for its YouTube channel. I may eventually delete them later on but I’m still unsure whether that’s a wise thing to do.

On another note, I think my writing skills are getting rusty. I really need to write more often and get into the habit of writing daily once again.

I’m sure some of you guys are sad that I’ve decided to discontinue Life Reminders Quotes. I’m sad too but my love for quotes will never fade. I think of it as something that has evolved into something better…that is yet to be reflected in my future works. I’m excited of what awaits me in this new journey of mine.

I hope you continue to tag along and just enjoy the ride. 😀


Yours Truly,

Kent Peligrino